A true revelation of innovation, ScreenTech machines enable you to run a sustainable, cost-free, high-quality, fast and optimised screen repair business.
The principle is simple: Remove cracked glass - put in new glass.
  • As we count 3.5 billions smartphones users in the world, 45% of them damage their phone. Among those 45%, 60% are cracked screen.
  • Presence
  • Vasco has exclusive licenses for France, Switzerland and Austria. In France, Boulanger signed an exclusive distribution contract with Vasco on 15 September 2020 to deploy the entire network (170 stores).
  • our parts
  • The 1st machine in the world was launched on September 16, 2020. Vasco acquired 10% of the parent company that owns the patents and worldwide exploitation of ScreenTech.
  • others
  • Le 20/11/2020, a estimé la valeur de la société ScreenTech à un minimum de 167M€. Vasco possède donc 16,7 millions d'euros à ce jour.
The machines
These machines are the world's first patent-pending disruptive system - easy to use, low cost, time and space efficient.
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