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We combine inovation, premium and ecology

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Vasco was founded with eco-responsibility as its main value because this value was a philosophy for its founder. From the beginning, he wanted to create a company that not only offered superior services, but was also committed to protecting the environment. This is why we constantly strive to minimize our ecological footprint by adopting eco-responsible practices.

Some daily actions


Logistics subcontractor

Since the end of 2022, we have taken the initiative to outsource our logistics, this has allowed us to improve the efficiency of the supply chain and therefore reduce greenhouse gases.


International collaborator

As Vasco is present all over Europe, the company hires employees abroad and reduces the need to travel by plane or car and therefore reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


The teleworking

At Vasco, when the distance between work and home is too great, we prefer to work from home whenever possible. In these cases, we use remote collaboration tools.


Minimalist office space

Our logistics having been outsourced, we were facing a space problem, so we decided to share our workspace and thus optimize the use of resources such as energy, water and office supplies.

Our Sustainability Initiative With Our Current Solutions
By Mobile Outfitters

Made from durable materials, Mobile Outfitters’ protectors extend the life of your device. Through our MO warranty policy, we collect old screen protectors and recycle them, which also helps to reduce waste.

The RapidCut machine is revolutionising protection, as it allows durable and recyclable protection to be manufactured on demand and therefore allows waste to be reduced. In the last year there has been a 63% reduction in waste produced by Mobile Outfitters, making our total manufacturing waste only 3% for RapidCut sheets.

For the same quantity of screen protectors produced, the transit of our screen protectors (matte, fusion, original) to a given country emits 84% less greenhouse gases than tempered glass! And our packaging is made of recyclable and reusable cardboard.

By Screentech

The ScreenTech machine allows the reconditioning of phone screens, taking an original screen with broken glass and replacing it with another one! It allows screens to be kept for longer.

The unique technology of the Screetch machines allows for the reuse of screens from other already obsolete phones, reducing electronic waste and allowing people to consume less.

The arrival of the ScreenTech machine in 2019 marks the beginning of the reconditioning of phone screens, which represents real progress in the fight against electronic pollution!



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