Vasco, the eco-responsible holding company that will please you!

Immerse yourself in the world of Vasco.

Vasco is a French holding company created in 2019 by Cyril Montanari, a successful entrepreneur (co-founder of Save). Based in France, the company specializes in providing innovative premium and eco-responsible services to its customers all over Europe.

Vasco is dedicated to sustainability and environmental protection. The company aims to offer innovative and responsible solutions to meet its customers’ needs while preserving natural resources.

The company’s mission is to contribute to a better world by offering environmentally friendly products and promoting ethical business practices.

The company currently offers two solutions: Mobile Outfitters and Screentech.

Mobile Outfitters

Mobile Outfitters is an on-demand phone screen protection service. Customers can customize their screen protector and have it installed at Mobile Outfitters stores.


Screentech is a phone screen refurbishing service that allows customers to extend the life of their phone while reducing their environmental impact.

Vasco continues to grow and expand its solutions and hopes to go global in the next few years.


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